The Baikal 16 catamaran packs a plentiful amount of creature comforts on its dual-hull design. Both the exterior and interior of the catamaran have been designed with state-of-the-art yacht-building trends and subtle executed, stylish details.

The designers have thoughtfully planned the livable space to satisfy any and all customer requirements, creating a spacious 16 meter model to be as comfortable as that of 20 meter catamaran. There are 5 leisure zones for owners and guests (cabin, compartment, cockpit, fly bridge, and spacious sun zone at the head) that offer plenty of room for individuals to come together or separate for relaxing alone time. Furthermore, each leisure zone can be customized from a selection of design variants to meet the needs of different customer preferences.

Though BYG constructs all yachts and catamarans using steel and aluminum materials, the catamaran exterior and interior structure is designed so that it is visualized as a light-weight unit.

Designer: Baikal Yachts Group








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