Odds are your friends and family are already hanging out on Facebook, so it makes perfect sense to use Facebook Messenger to communicate with them. Like most things in our digital lives, there aren’t any manuals for using Messenger. Tech companies assume you’ll jump on the bandwagon and figure it out.

To help you go from novice to pro, here are three Facebook Messenger tricks you’re probably not using. (Note: Messenger does not work the same across all devices and operating systems. If you can’t locate something where I say it is, look around for a similar action. And be sure you have the latest version of the Messenger app on your iOS or Android device.)

1.  Make a group decision by taking a vote

How often have you texted back and forth among a group about where to meet for dinner, which day is better for a gathering, what time or activity is best, and more?

Facebook now lets you conduct polls in Messenger, so when you need to get a bunch of people to reach a decision, 


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