Fully Self Driving

Tesla revealed it would be building all vehicles complete with all the hardware onboard they need to achieve full self-driving in the future, and also published a short demo video of the prototype software in action at the time. Now, a new video shows a self-driving Tesla making its way through a city neighbourhood complete with a lot of traffic and quite a few intersections.

The video provides a driver’s eye view of the trip, including a clear look at how the human behind the steering wheel (who’s there only for legal compliance reasons) never once touches either the wheel or the brake and gas pedals. The video also shows three separate views of what the Tesla optical cameras are seeing at all times during the drive, including colored overlays showing what the onboard computer is detecting in terms of objects and lane markers.

This new look at the fully self-driving version of Autopilot in action is definitely impressive, and helps boost confidence that Tesla might even be able to meet founder and CEO Elon Musk’s goal of doing a cross-country test drive sometime late next year.

There’s also a Benny Hill cut of the video, in case the Paint it Black backing track on the longer version is a bit too heavy for your tastes.


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